Accessible Primary School 

Location:  Wrocław, Poland

Design: June 2011

Size: 2000m2

Author: Sylwian Moska

The main idea of the project was to create an object that will be set in the landscape.

szkola sytuacja

The most important space in school are classes. They were the starting point for the concept. However the form is the result of two actions: to promote conservation of trees and giving to the particular functional segments posibility to access the roofs. Making these hills diversify the capabilities of spending free time during breaks between lectures.

szkoła schemat 6szkoła schemat 7
szkoła schemat 5 szkoła schemat 4 szkoła schemat 3 szkoła schemat 2

szkoła schemat 1

szkola rzut

“Proper design method can not favor function or form. Both elements serve different purposes, and each is relatively important. Architecture is not created only for today, although schools are design for a specific educational purpose on the basis laid for todays concepts. For the future, it may become not valid, but the value of the form has a chance to survive generations.”

J. Włodarczyk

szkola wizka