Baltic Park Molo

Multifunctional hotel complex

Location: Świnoujscie, Poland

Authors:  Tomasz Głowacki, Joanna Janikowska, Łukasz Woleński,  Sylwian Moska

Client: Zdrojowa Invest

Size: 49 410m2

Design: June 2012

1st prize in an open architectural competition

The proposed concept of multifunctional hotel complex in Swinoujscie is focused at creating a harmonious inclusion in present urban and natural environment, with special emphasis on its genius loci. Seaside location, at the sand dunes, next to the sea plays a crucial role in the project.


By highlighting the existing environmental values ​​makes the impression that the proposed architecture creates a transition between orthogonal urbanism of the city and the landscape – trees, dunes, beach and sea.

Urban diagram:

urban diagram

Name of investment – Baltic Park Molo brings to mind the characteristic features of the Polish coast -dunes, sandy beaches, pines, warm wooden deck. These special values ​​of Baltic coast are reflected in the formal expression of the project and create characteristic atmosphere of that place. Molo – an element that exists in investment name and present architecture, represent not only the actual pier decking, but also wooden floor around – the pedestrian passage. Dunes – reflects the organic base with services, from which hotel towers rises.


baltic/dunes                                              park/pines                                  molo/ deck


2nd floor plan:

plan 3

Ground floor plan:

plan 2

-1 floor plan:

plan 1

Western elevation:



baltic wizka 2



baltic wizka 1