Split music school wp

Music school in Split

Location:     Split , Croatia

Author:        Sylwian Moska

Size:            2800 m2

Design:        2014

The idea was to create not only the building but a space between the buildings, strongly related to the character of the site as also the city. Project site is located in the middle of the city, near to the main bus station, theater, church, important square and also one of the main streets. All these factors leads to the conclusion that this site has to be treated with the special caution and a sensitivity.



There were two basic ideas that have been combined. First: The Structure. The space between buildings is inspired by an old historic building within the Diocletian palace. Labirynth of narrow streets, spontaneous urbanism and informality of the architecture was the goal. Second: Modern School with interesting and attractive spaces inside, with a well-spread functions.


Sections A-A and B-B:



Functionally, the building is separated to two parts. On the south side contains part of the school and administration. In the north side concert hall part is located . Ground floor level as well as at the level of + 1 was intended under the commercial functions of shops, caffes and restaurants which also follows the idea of creating spaces for all people between the buildings.

Ground floor plan:

groundfloor plan 4

First floor plan:

first floor plan 1

North elevation:


Physical model:

makieta 2 2

makieta 1 1