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Safe habitat

Single family houses

Location: Wroclaw

Author:   Sylwian Moska

Size:       1800m2

Design:   2011

Proposed Habitat, is a group of five single-family houses and multifunctional community house.
All together creating a safe shared space – open into the interial courtyard.
An important principle in the whole process was space gradation -public space,
semi-private and private, created by soft facade lines of the buildings.
Locally narrowed places in a natural way separate private gardens, so there is no need for fencing the private properties.

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Form is the result of the clash of a traditional rectangular house block with organic shape.
So designed space allows and invites to be with other people – neighbors, activating community life. Remarkable form gives a sense of individuality to their residents, and on the other hand seen from the outside as a green hill increases attractiveness of the whole district.



Single house plan:



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