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Archi-box – Transfer

Location:     Wrocław , Poland

Author:        In cooperation with Kameleonlab.

Design        2011

Exhibition:     2013

Project exhibition in the  Museum of Architecture in Wrocław

Task – to remodel entrance area of the Architecture Museum in Wrocław. The idea was to create a friendly foreland, encouraging potential visitors. Museum building is hidden behind the trees but after the intervention it’s become more recognizable and easier to identify as an open museum promoting architecture.



Design Is focused on creating a visual attractor – an element which attracts the attention of passers who often do not notice museum building hidden in the park. The Proposal is glazed pavilion suspended high above the roofs of the museum building. Pavilion extends far toward a nearby street and becomes a sign identifying the museum. Object is very expressive while in same time does not interfere with the structure of the historic building. To attract not only visitors interested in architecture inside the pavilion are located coffe and lounge areas.

Visibility diagram:


Sign in the space:

archibox viz 3



Archi-box lounge room




Archi-box lounge room:

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